The 8-Bit crate is the second crate to be released from Loot Crate. It was given out to people in September 2012.


  • 8-Bit Glasses (Changes color, Black and Pink)
  • Mario Power Up - Nintendo & Boston America
    • Equals one super mushroom! Not only will this can give you a nice energy boost, it makes a nice retro collectible for your environment. DRINK BEFORE RESCUING PRINCESSES (& PRINCES)!!
  • Zelda Shield Mints w/ Collectible Case - Nintendo & Boston America
    • After devouring these powerful peppermints, you can use this tin as a cool decoration, to store secret messages or to protect yourself from really, really tiny foes.
  • Mario Bendable Mustache - Archie Mcphee
    • It's a you. Can't grow one yourself? No problem. Clip this on and find some turtles who need stomping. Disclamer: We don't actually want you to hurt any turtles.
  • Nuclear Energy Powder - Marcos Labs
    • Pour the sweet and tangy powder directly into your mouth and be amazed as it leave a "radioactive" trace of color behind. No guarantees it will give you superpowers.
  • Retro Gaming Buttons
  • Exclusive Mr T. Art Piece
  • 20 Sided Die
  • Loot Crate Sticker

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