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  • Diablo III Shirt! - JINX
    • Deep within the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary, heroes battle against the onslaught thought from the armies of the Burning Hells. Equipt this epix gear, as you battle the forces of evil.
  • Zombie Pea Brains and Zombie Jerky - Marcos Labs
    • Double down on tasty zombie parts. Enjoy some spicy wasabi peas to give your brain extra zombie power. Next, chomp down on some green zombie flesh. They've been doing it to us for years.
  • Glowing Vampire Fangs - Vampires Incorporated
    • Vampire Incorporated brand fangs have been produced since 1816 when the company was better known as 'Consolidated Fangs' - Now with modern technology, the fangs provide the wearer with illumination for optimal biting conditions.
  • Zombie Hunter Dog Tag - Loot Crate Labs
    • Imagine our surprise when Colonol Baroncini himself approached us and wanted our subscriber info. We didn't give him your personal data but he insisted we 'enlist those hard fighting heroes as Looters had what the Army believed to be "superior hand eye coordination & zombie knowledge".
  • Energy Love Potion
  • Two Zombie Buttons
  • Membership Cards

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