The Founding Box crate is the very first crate to be released from Loot Crate. It was given out to people in August 2012.

Appearance Edit

When you open the box, you could see your Member badge with "Founding Member" next to it on the top of the inside of the box. The next box removes the "Founding Member" side. All of the items are on a thin piece of orange paper along with white crinkle paper.


  • Avengers Cologne (random, could be Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk or Thor, comes with form for cologne)
    • "Musk of a superhero! Featuring one of four fragrances based on Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, or Thor. Spray on anything you want to immediately smell of Hero!"
  • $20 Gift Certificate (Replica Figurines) - Gentle Giant LTD
    • "Awesome replicas and figurines from Avengers, Star Wars, The Hobbit, and many more... Spend it on your favorite characters! We couldn't decide."
  • Turkey Perky Jerky - Tasty Guarana Infused Jerky
    • "Perky Jerky is an all natural, ultra premium jerky that is unlike any other! It's a 7 ingredient marinade includes guarana, perfect to fuel what you do. It's an action packed snack."
  • PWN Gum - Gaming Energy Gum
    • "The latest in gaming performance enhancers. Great mint flavor w/ solid quick energy boost. It's designed to be one more tool in your gaming war chest."
  • Jolt Energy Gum - Do More, Chew More
    • "Team Loot Crate grew up sneaking Jolt Cola from our local convenience stores when our parents weren't looking. Try their Icy Mint flavor in this month's box."
  • Mini Sticker (random)
  • Hip Hop Nerd Artwork (most boxes, as it's a limited edition)
  • Domo Keychain (random)

Videos Edit

Loot Crate Founder Box Unboxing Video by RockNRollGeek

Unboxing a Loot Crate by Stephen Weber

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